We simply want to make sure your house is getting the nourishment it needs and that our
service is providing the best value for your money in a timely manner.

Custom Furniture

The furniture in your home deserves to be as unique as you. We specialize in providing customized furniture that matches the patterns and silhouettes of your home. When your home resonates an organized and remarkable look, the joy of coming home is more than anything else. We yearn to create the same joy in the hearts of every single one of our clients by providing them with furniture which perfectly matches the look of your home.

Design and Consultancy Services

We provide exceptional design and consultancy services to match the budgets of our clients. Our services extend to homes and offices. When it comes to designing or providing consultancy services, we have been able to exceed the expectations of our clients and provide the best design services and design homes and offices closer to the way the clients want the place to look like.

Homes draw their warmth and beauty from the furniture that adorns it, the accessories that ornate its shelves and the patterns that transform its furnishings. Interior décor is about the small details when it comes to decorating your home. For Rinky, interior decoration is not just a job, it is the way of life.

Turnkey Interiors

We provides consultancy services as well as project management services for turnkey interiors. This involves everything from planning to execution. All turnkey interior projects that we have taken up so far have borne outstanding results with our clients being extremely happy with what they got. Since we have been a part of the industry for a substantial period of time, we have been able to build lasting relations with suppliers who are able to provide us with materials quickly and at affordable rates.

Styling and Accessorizing

The colors and textures that are picked for your home can silently play a pivotal role in how your home looks. Imagine how colors play a role in the clothes you pick for yourself or the curtains you choose or the bedsheets you put. Doesn’t it make sense to choose the right colors for your home and to be careful when it comes to matching your furniture with the color of your walls or the patterns of your curtains? Everything plays an important role.

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